Ability to run app user scripts?


There have been some very useful user scripts posted as app. Would it be possible to add them to the list of user scripts to run from the palette?



I don’t think I’ll add any scripts yet by default. But you can add the scripts yourself by:

  1. Preferences > Open Scripts Folder
  2. Place the scripts that you want in that folder.
  3. Then the script should show up in the commands palette


I think what @kleerkoat meant was to allow to run script application from the command palette. Like the pickDateTime application that popup a calendar, this script is contained inside an application bundle and when put inside the Scripts Folder, the command palette doesn’t show it.


thanks for clarifying GuiB.


I could try to add this, but do you (or @RobTrew) know if that script can be packaged up in a different form? To run these scripts I’m using NSUserScriptTask which has built in support for running AppleScripts, AutomatorTasks, and UnixTasks. I can probably also run an app by launching it through the workspace, but doing so would complicate that code a bit and possibly lead to other complications. Maybe pickDateTime can be bundled as an AutomatorTasks instead?


I’ll take a look at whether it can be repackaged - launching arbitrary apps from inside an app is probably not really something that one would want to work :slight_smile:


that would be awesome! thank you


I have added a 3.5 preview version of the datePicker.app to its original thread.

Trying to launch it, even in a different wrapper, from inside the command palette does indeed get blocked by sandboxing, but you can still launch it form the TaskPaper script menu.


I think I found a way… I almost got it directly with a script, but I’m unable to have a direct focus to the popup… So, I created an applescript that run the application instead. You can find it the same thread as @complexpoint here:


thank you!


I updated the script, it should works now


awesome! works perfectly. thank you so much!


Great! Happy to help!


A summary of what seems to work for launching .app bundle scripts from the command palette: