Zeroing indentation, possible shortcut conflict in 1.3

I often find myself wanting to create a new row with zero indentation, regardless of my current level of indentation. Just mashing outdent works, but is a speed bump.

It looks like Option-Return creates a new row without indentation, which is awesome, but I can’t find it in the menus or docs, making me wonder if it’s intended. It’s at least hard to find right now.

If Option-Return is intended, then I’d expect Option-Command-Return to combine the behaviors of Option-Return and Command-Return, but it looks like 1.3 is introducing a different behavior at that shortcut. In my opinion, if Option-Return is intended, then it makes more sense for Option-Command-Return to combine Option-Return and Command-Return, and for the new behavior to move to Shift-Command-Return - the result is even “shifted”.

Also, Option-Return doesn’t solve the whole problem for me, because I don’t always know or realize that I want zero indentation before I create the row, or I want to zero out the indentation of a previously written row. In this cases a shortcut to zero out the indentation of the current row would be super useful, or maybe just doing it by hitting Command-Delete when the cursor is at the beginning of the row.

Good set of questions…

First we have Return, which inserts a new row by splitting the current row and auto-indenting. This is similar to what a rich text editor does when editing a list.

Option-Return is a system defined keyboard shortcut for the command insertNewlineIgnoringFieldEditor. I’ve taken that to mean “insert without any special logic”… thus it doesn’t do any auto indent.

Those two I’m fairly sure about, the rest :man_shrugging:

The logic makes sense, and I will change “New Indented Row” to Command-Shift-Return, but I also want to avoid any more proliferation of insert row variations.

For a “Unindent to Zero” command I think a script is best, but maybe hard to implement at the moment. In the next release I’ll make it possible to set the value of row.level and then it should be pretty easy to make a script to change indent level to zero.

Thanks for the reply. Good to hear about Option-Return - I do still think it’s worth noting in the docs and menus, but for others more than myself at this point. I’ll see if I can become more rigorous about using it, and if not then do the script with the next release.