Wikilinks in TaskPaper

Hi all,

I’m eager to switch from FoldingText to TaskPaper, as I’m looking for an app with continuous support. I’m still a bit sad about likely having to lose the former but am slowly coming around to finding the good in the latter despite my resistance to change.

The one thing I’m missing is Wikilinks to nvALT, which is a script for FoldingText that still works (by putting double square brackets around text with a file name in your nvALT folder). Is there anything similar available (or is this possible at all) in TaskPaper? Having this would cement the transition. I’ve checked forums and comments but only found a system that Brett created for TaskPaper 2 that no longer works without the Applescript functionality.

Anyway, thanks so much in advance of any help provided!


+1. I still love FoldingText very much, but I’ve started to use TaskPaper alongside it (feels like many good things happening here). Support for nvALT wikilinks is something I really do miss.

Can you share that link… should be fairly easy to translate.

I assume @zverhope was referring to this?

And FWIW while we’re waiting, an Alfred workflow based on some of Brett’s scripting. Highlight a line that contains a wikilink (anything between those double square brackets) and double tap ctrl to open the document in nvALT. Should work everywhere.

Download: Open nvALT via Alfred