Why two levels of indentation?

I just typed “anteriorer Bogengang” and wonder why in the next line this level of indentation is chosen. Should it be one level less?

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-07 at 17.35.13

So you typed “anteriorer Bogengang” and then pressed Return to create the new line? Generally that should insert a new item at the same level as “anteriorer Bogengang”. I think the only reason it would not do that is if “anteriorer Bogengang” already has a child that’s at that over-indented level. Then when you hit return the new row is inserted to match the child level.

Did that make sense? If that doesn’t explain the problem please create and send a demo outline to me that shows the problem. Tell me where to put cursor, before hitting return.

I can’t reproduce it anymore, thanks anyway.

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