What has happened to the search bar in the latest Preview release

I just installed TaskPaper Preview 271 and the search bar has disappeared, and there is no option to show it in the view menu. This makes no sense to me. How can I make the search bar part of my default view?

You transitioned from the 3.3.2 version or you were on the Preview version before and now the search bar doesn’t appear anymore from a transition to Preview 271 from Preview 269 ?

If it’s the former (Transition from TaskPaper 3.3.2), the search bar is now accessible from “Vew > Editor Searchbar” or with the shortcut cmd+shift+f or you will find the searchbar if you press on a tag or searches on the the sidebar.

If you transitioned from Preview 269 or something… this could be a bug on your side that will need to be addressed…

Hope this helps!

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This explains a bit, but wouldn’t be a lot easier/more simple to just restore “show/hide search bar” to the view menu, or make the search bar party of the the default view. All the other options seem counter intuitive to me and make it necessary for non-geeks like me to have conversations like this.


I’ll rename that menu from “Editor Searchbar” to “Show Editor Searchbar”. Generally I like not showing it by default because I think it can add more complication for new users then it solves.