In the View Menu, default size should take the font size to the size specified in the preferences, not some other default. I set the default in the preferences. Shouldn’t the default stick to that.


Bike preferences are single shared values. When you change a preference it changes everywhere. Or in other words Bike documents never have different preference settings than the actual preference settings.

When you change a preference it immediately effects all documents. Same thing when you View > Zoom In / Zoom Out … it sets a new global preference. Since it works that way when you use “Default Size” it just returns to 14pt hard coded default, because the actual stored preference value is already what you are seeing.

This preferences setup is less flexible than one where document preferences can be different than settings window preferences… but I also feel like this single value setup is a lot easier to understand and explain.

Plus if document values can be different that means I need to start adding UI for each preference value that I also want to set on a document… so menu starts getting filled with Font Size/Line Height/Etc.

With all that said I do realize that it’s often nice to apply different view settings to different documents. That will be possible once I add themes. You will be able to apply a theme to a specific document, and themes will offer possibility of overriding all visual preference settings.

Thanks. I am going to eagerly await the arrival of themes.


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