Using ISO dates etc with an @week(XX) or @due(Wxx) type tagging?

I was really excited to see date intelligibility added to Taskpaper, but have been using a workaround approach and wondered if there was someway ro easily support something like This Week or Next Week searches with it.

Basically, I liberally use and abuse a @week(x) tag where x is usually the week number I am targeting for a particular task (so a next week would have text and @week(47) tag on it). When I’m looking at my weekly task list split up by projects or areas, that means I just do a search like @week = 47 and not @done to get a listing of those. This has been awesome workflow wise, but near as I can tell, is there a way we can make that a saved search in the next system? In particular, I was also hoping it would catch items that have dates ie. @due(2016-12-25) in “knowing” that that date falls in week 52 or month 12 with reserved tags like @week and @month (ok, realize that might not work if we’re using 2016-12-25, probably need something like w52 or m12 so it can take advantage of brackets.

(and yes, the reason this works for me is I split my Taskpaper files annually.


TaskPaper’s date formatting supports ISO dates, one form of which is week dates. Using that format you would replace @week(47) with @week(2016-W52). If you change to that formatting then you can use “this week” and “next week” searches.

One problem at the moment that I’ve just found. TaskPaper’s “this week” is Sunday based, while ISO’s weeks are Monday based. I’ll be updating “this week” to match the ISO definition soon.

To experiment with ISO week formatting use the “Insert Date” command and type the ISO week format in the given text editor, and then you’ll see the result display in the calendar view below.

Hope that helps, questions welcome!