Using a video as background

Hi there,

Sorry if my request seems out of place / totally stupid (and in that case, feel free to ignore it !)
Here is my problem :

I’m part of a band and, during our show, we’re projecting Write Room where I write improvised poetry, the purpose being to have a unique piece at the end of each show.
It’s been working great so far but the leader of the band would like to use a video as background. Would it be possible to create a theme and using a video ? If it is indeed possible, how would I do that ?

Thanks in advance !


Wow, that’s a use I hadn’t considered!

I think you can do what you want by:

  1. Window > Themes > Edit Current Theme (that will show theme editing sheet)
  2. Change both the “Page Background Color” and the “Window Background Color” to be transparent.
  3. To do that click on the color well next to the color label, and then slide the opacity slider in the color picker to a transparency level that you want.

Then play the video in a different app in the background, and it will show through your transparent WriteRoom window.


I would like to second this request - or as a compromise , using an animated gif as a background. Something like this [ ]