Updated Copy-As-MD-Link macro for use with Bike

I’ve updated the Copy as Markdown Link macro (for Keyboard Maestro) at:

GitHub - RobTrew/copy-as-md-link: macOS Keyboard Maestro macro group – single keystroke to copy MD links from different applications.

to work with Bike’s new (68+) formatted inline links.

[label](link) pairs copied from other applications by that macro will now paste by default as blue inline links in Bike.

If, for any reason, you would ever prefer to paste the clipboard content into your Bike document as a plain piece of Markdown [label](link) text, then you can use a ⌘⇧V Paste as Plain Text (KM) macro like this:

Paste as plain text.kmmacros.zip (2.1 KB)

Thanks for this update! But I’m a total GitHub ignorant person. I’m not seeing how to download the code at GitHub as KM macros. I realize I’m probably just missing something simple.

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  • Green Code button,
  • Download ZIP
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(the .zip contains a copy of MD Link tools Macros.kmmacros)

Aha! Got it … that was simple. Thank you.