Unexpectedly high CPU usage, even in background

As I’ve switched over to Bike usage full-time, I’m seeing pretty high CPU usage, and significant related energy drain, even when Bike is in the background.

With 5 working files open in tabs, I’m seeing Bike sustaining over 20% CPU usage (i.e. this is all the time, not some kind of peak usage that dips down). More surprisingly, it holds onto this CPU usage even when it is in the background. It’s making my otherwise cool-running M1 MacBook Air noticeably warm (how I came to notice this) and is running down the battery faster than usual (and you can see a pretty sharp drain plot in Activity Monitor).

For comparison, TaskPaper with 5 working files open bounces between 5-10% CPU when being actively used as the front app, and drops to a solid 0% CPU usage when in the background.

I know Bike is being touted as lightweight and native, so it seems some kind of bug is going on here, especially with respect to background CPU usage?

I’m using the realese 1.0 version on an M1 MacBook Air with macOS 12.3.1, in case that is useful.


Ugh, yeah something’s not right here. I will look into it soon.

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Thanks for noticing, there were some timers that got out of hand per document. I’ve now got 30 documents open in my local version and it’s reporting 0% CPU when in foreground and you aren’t typing. Pretty sure that’s what it will look like in next release too.


Glad this was a useful bug report. And thanks for getting to it so quickly.

Hello Jesse… was just about to purchase Bike when I saw this thread. I’d prefer to get the version that doesn’t cause this high CPU usage. When should I check back for it? Many thanks!

I expect a preview release by end of week. Maybe next week for actual release.

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Thank you very much, kind sir. Looking forward to it very much! (It immediately reminded me of what Dave Winer has been doing with his browser-based outlining app, though I haven’t looked at that lately.)


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Not going to make preview release by today. Lot less programming and a lot more email and twitter than I expected. I finally worked on this some today, making progress, but not ready.

I think this is fixed now in Bike 1.0.1 Preview.

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That fixes it for me. It’s now super efficient and my Mac is running cool. Thanks!

And @Lloyd, I would highly recommend picking up a license. This app is great!

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Glad that it’s working. If anyones interested in the nitty gritty details of what I did wrong I’ve posted here.

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