Unexpected layout for To Do list on initial open of TP3 Preview

When I initially open a TP3, Version 3.0 Preview (158), to-do list file, the “unchecked” items are shown with a check mark next to each of them and the items I’ve previously checked show up with a musical note symbol next to them.

View image of wrongly formatted list

If I close TP3 and reopen the same file, the formatting is “fixed” and looks like I’d expect it to look.

View image of properly formatted list after restarting TP3

Any idea why this is happening? Is this a known issue?

BTW, I’m on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.11.1 (15B42).


This is an issue related to some conflict between the internal version of Source Sans Pro that TaskPaper includes and I suspect a version of the same font that you have installed. I need to debug this further for a real solution. But so far I think if you either disable your version of Source Sans Pro or updated it from Google Fonts then the problem should go away.

Some more info: