Two minor bugs(?)


These are tiny, probably largely cosmetic things, but I noticed them and thought you should know, @jessegrosjean .

  1. I have text files I’m working on linked in my tp file. I renamed one of them today so, understandably, tp couldn’t find it when I clicked on it. The oddity, though, is that if the path is of the form “file:///path/to/worng.txt” I get the expected “file not found” message, but if the path is of the form “/path/to/worng.txt” I instead get the error that there is no application defined to open that type of document, offering to open the app store, etc. Obviously this is not a big deal, but it might confuse someone in the future.

  2. In the toolbar, the “move to project” menu does what it says. There’s also the tags menu, the text of which also says “move to project.” :slight_smile: I just noticed this today because I never use that menu, which is good, because it seems to have no effect when I click on anything. I’m guessing this is a feature in progress, but in case it’s an actual issue, there it is.