Trace backward from a search

If I do a search for a word, I will get the resulting lines that contains that text AND all the projects in the hierarchy. Something similar to this:
Main project:
Line containing my search word.

In TP2, I can then click on either the Sub-project line or the Main project line and get a focus on just that project. That is really helpful when I, for instance, is searching for a certain person I may have interviewed, and then quickly ‘zoom out’ to view the full context for that note. In general, the ability to search and then expand from that search is really powerful.

Would that be possible in TP3 somehow? Perhaps by also filtering the project sidebar to reflect the search? (Here I am again about the project sidebar… :wink:

I do plan to add back TaskPaper 2’s “Reveal Search Result” command in some form… filtering sidebar is less likely for version 3.

Sounds great!

I do think that the project sidebar should reflect what is shown in the editor, i.e. filtering and folding should be reflected there to give a coherent view.

With that said, I fully understand that you want to focus to get TP3 out of the door.