TP 3 multi documents queries


I was always looking for searching for tags in multiple documents at once. Considering all my projects, I’ve had to spit up in different files synced with DropBox. By the way, I really miss the way to work simultaneously on files with the simpletext server provided by Jesse which was able to merge differences made in the same documents. So sweet. ;(
To resume, it would be great to be able to search for query like @today and not @done through the whole TaskPaper document folder to have a quick status view for the day.
I’ve tried to use the but it was too weird to implement. Not user friendly.

Is it possible?




@complexpoint has done some work on it for foldingtext 2.0. I think it’ll be easier after TP3 & FT3 are rewritten based on Atom.


I agree this would be nice to have, but I’m not sure if/when I’ll have a chance to implement.

A possible solution… planned (meaning as of today I think I’ll do it, but far off enough that my “think I’ll do it” is a weak statement) is to port TaskPaper 3 back to Atom. That would allow you to search multiple documents, but it’s pretty far in the future.

If you want to search a whole folder of documents that are not already open then I think something like na is the best answer… maybe it can be made easier to use? If you only need to search through existing open documents that should be easier once TaskPaper scripting support is documented.