Title not in selected project



When a project is selected / in focus, the title is not visible in the window.

So it is not always clear (mainly in large documents) which project is selected!

Would be nice if you could add the project name on top of the focussed project.



I somewhat agree, but I’m not sure.

Two related issues. First it would create duplication in the UI. The selected project in the sidebar already shows the current project.

OK, maybe your idea on the implementation is different then mine. Do you mean the project name should be inserted into the focused text (like how TaskPaper 2 does) or more of an overlay at the top, so that it’s always visible, even when the text view is scrolled?


Hi Jesse,
thanks again for the prompt reply.

You are right, the project is selected in the sidebar. But when the sidebar is hidden and you select a project with CMD-L, there is no way to figure out which project your in.

I think the title of the project should be at least on top of the focussed project window, so you’re able to edit / modify the title of the project (like the TP2 way)!
It would also be nice when the title remains on top, but I’am aware of that this implementation is not easy (like a browser title/tab bar).

regards, feek