Thoughts on Focus Heading

When I adjusted the outline path parameter with Focus Heading and suddenly realized that if I change level <= 1 to level >= 1, I can retrieve all rows!

So in essence, the Focus Heading interface is a filter view, where I can see all the relevant results at once, without having to jump one by one in the Find interface.

I’m satisfied with Focus Heading as a function of Focus Heading.
But as a Filter view I would like it can keep a few presets without modifying parameters again and again.

Sorry, I overlooked its name, it’s Choice Palette

And the flat rows view (show only one line per paragraph) is useful, sometimes I want to turn off the text wrap to have a quick look. It did it.

I need to think more about this. The goal is to support filtering of the full text editor outline view, I imagine most filtered would be there… but that’s gong to take quite a bit of work. Hope to get it done this winter.

Maybe in the meantime I could add scripting action to trigger the Focus Heading view, while also passing it an outline path? Would that be useful to anyone else?


Sounds good, and we could draft an interim script to choose from a list of stored presets.

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