Themes for 3.5 not installing properly


I have added the .less files to the ~/Library/Application Support/TaskPaper/Stylesheets directory, safely backing up theme.less.

But when I try to switch themes in TP, it shrinks the text and does not apply the selected stylesheet.

I am on TP 3.5.1


From what i understand, it looks like you have an error in your .less code


Can you attach one of the problematic stylesheets? I’ll take a look and see if I can spot the problem.


Here are the stylesheets (31.8 KB)


Hi, I just had a check and the problem is that you saved the html pages instead of the raw text from the Github pages that you saw the stylesheets. In short, when you find a theme (stylesheet file) on a Github page, you need to download the raw text from the page. There’s a Raw button at the top right just above the code, an easy way to get the .less file directly is to do a secondary click on the Raw button and click on the "Save the attached file in “Download” " . Then you will find the .less file in your download folder and then you can move it to the TaskPaper stylesheet folder.

Here are the stylesheets from the page you sent, but in .less file (just have to move them to your stylesheet folder and now it should work) : (3.7 KB)