Theme with checkboxes?


Sorry if this has already been covered, but I know that checkboxes for tasks went missing in one of the previews, and that it might be possible to theme later on. I also remember voting for it, with some 25% of the votes.

Is that possible to do now? I really liked the checkboxes… :wink:


Sorry it still isn’t possible. Still very much on my list, but I don’t expect it for 3.5 release.


Great, thanks for the update.


Any change in this? Is there maybe a user-created theme with checkboxes?

I know the point of TP is to focus on the basics, but there is something intuitive and satisfying about ticking off a checkbox when a to-do is done. It really is not the same thing, clicking on a ‘dash’. This is pretty much the only feature lacking in TP that, if provided, would make me forsake all other task management apps and stick with TP.


Sorry no change. I expect the next time this will have a chance to be addressed is in a future TaskPaper 4 (which hasn’t been started yet at this point).