Theme inspired by material design


Hi all. I’ve put together a theme inspired by Material Design for Sublime Text. It’s available on GitHub. It’s my first TaskPaper theme and I’ve only tested it on my machine (Taskpaper 3.6 Preview 282) so feedback welcome :slight_smile:



added to latest taskpaper preview and themes does not look like image - just smaller text ? 3.6 (284) It does not go black ? Am I missing something ?


Maybe as simple as: View > Actual Size?

If not that then generally when you get a weird small looking font its because the font specified in the stylesheet isn’t found on your computer, so the stylesheet will instead use a default system font. The material stylesheet specifies the font:

@font-family: "SF UI Text";

Which seems to work on my computer. Not sure if that’s because I installed San-fransico directory, or because it’s already installed on macOS 10.12.