TaskPaper v3 downloads and crashes…


I downloaded TaskPaper v3 onto my Mac (MAC OSX 10.11.1). It downloads and then tries to launch, but saying it’s damaged and proceeds to uninstall itself! I thought that it had got damaged in the download but it’s happened a second time too.
Any ideas, anyone?


I haven’t seen this or heard it reported… has anyone else run into this problem?


Nope, I have installed it on three computers with 10.11.1 (MB Air -14, MB Air -10, iMac -10) and it works just fine there.


Can you try this URL: https://taskpaper.s3.amazonaws.com/TaskPaper-3.0-Preview-158.dmg


Same problem. Corrupted!


Working fine on both my Macs.


I’ve just had a similar problem. I’ve had TP installed for a while and just went to open, got a dialog that says “task paper” is damaged and can’t be opened, delete and download again from the App Store. Will see what happens when I try to reinstall.


In this case are you sure that you tried to open TaskPaper 3 and not and older version of TaskPaper 2? The Mac App Store has recently had problems.


I don’t think so, I don’t think I ever had TP2. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded from the App Store, seems to be work fine now. Thanks for the prompt response Jesse.


The thing is TaskPaper 3 isn’t in the Mac App Store! :smile:

Only TaskPaper 2 is in the app store right now… because TaskPaper 3 is still in preview. You can download the TaskPaper 3 preview at www.taskpaper.com.