Taskpaper Theme Gone with Update


How do I make the latest version of Taskpaper appear as it did before I updated it or as it does in the screenshots of both the Mac App Store and the Hog Bay Software website?

Or how do you change back to the system font? “@font-family: “San Francisco”;” did not work.


All the images at https://www.taskpaper.com are using the default theme. Use the menu Window > Stylesheet > Light.less to switch to that default theme. If that doesn’t work it may be that you edited that “Light.less” stylesheet?

To revert any changes that you’ve made to the default “Light.less” stylseeht you can Window > Stylesheet > Open StyleSheet Folder to show Light.less in the finder. Then open it in a text editor and delete all of the style rules. Save. And then try switching to that style again. Does that solve the problem?