TaskPaper Not Opening with command tab

Just wanted to mention that, with the latest version of TaskPaper there is an unusual behavior that I think, should not be there.

I use multiple desktops. I have TaskPaper open and I am in a different app on a different desktop. Normally when I cycle through my open apps using command tab and I come to an app (TaskPaper) that is already open and already has a window open, when the app is selected, the desktop with the open app and its open window will be selected.

Now when I do this - only since the latest update, the TaskPaper menus are there, but now I have to go to the windows menu and select the Taskpaper window that I want to see. This is true with just a single TaskPaper window that is open.

It’s a bit annoying as this is not standard Mac behavior, nor is it standard TaskPaper behavior.

That’s odd… are you using the latest preview release or the latest standard release?

Does the problem go away if you restart TaskPaper?

This is Version 3.8.7 Preview (383).

And yes, now that you ask, after restarting TaskPaper the problem seems to have disappeared. I had been working in TaskPaper for several days before posting this thread and it was really getting on my nerves. I suppose I had not restarted TaskPaper in all that time so your idea of a solution was not apparent.

Well, as long as TaskPaper is back to normal again, never mind. I have to get back to this enormous writing task that I am involved with that I could not have gotten this far with this quickly if not for TaskPaper.

I will say it again, TaskPaper Rocks!!!

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Let me know if it happens again, and better yet if you can figure out how to reproduce the problem. Seems like some state must have gotten messed up at some point.

Will do.