TaskPaper is Great For Organizing Your Writing

I just wanted to comment on how much I enjoy using TaskPaper. Taskpaper to me is a functional text based outlining program. That is, it is first and foremost a text outlining tool that you can use to develop text ideas or, writing out ideas in text, in an outline format (sort of).

Right now I am starting to tackle a rebuttal argument from petitioning the Air Force to retroactively correct my service records. Long story but, it is way overdue.

I put the four page letter from the USAF review board in TaskPaper. Now I have to review where I disagree with their interpretation of my evidence and carefully review their decisions and, their many errors.

I also want to keep looking at the whole document so I don’t lose track of what I am responding to. Using TaskPaper it was so easy to create a tag, in this case “@re”, and put it after every Project name in the letter that I want to respond to. Then I click on any “re” tag and I will have only the parts of the document I wanted to start working on.

Of course, I can still focus out and see the whole document at any time.

Since TaskPaper has no way to style individual words, use hanging indents, insert page breaks, add images, or add headers or footers, I will still have to copy paste eventually back to Nisus, my word processing program. But that is not a problem - would be nice to have but, not holding my breath.

What makes Taskpaper so nice is that now I can roll up my sleeves and start arguing my case, point by point, using TaskPaper.

TaskPaper rocks!

If Taskpaper rocks, you should try FoldingText…

Please don’t take this the wrong way, and, if you are fond of FoldingPaper I am happy that is working for you, but I have not warmed to Folding Paper.

I know many have been a fan of FoldingPaper so you are not alone. But for me, no, not so much. I just tried it again and found that for my purposes at least, TaskPaper is so much better.

TaskPaper uses “.less” files for one thing. FoldingPaper does not. With less files I can alter my page background, text color, line spacing, paragraph spacing - as little or as much as I want. With Folding text I did not see any way to alter paragraph or line spacing at all, and no use of less files.

I can also assign these text values to tags.

Assuming that FoldingPaper also folds like TaskPaper does and that TaskPaper also uses tags like TaskPaper does, I am sure there are many similarities.

Perhaps FoldingText does more that I have not yet discovered but, for the work it takes with building ideas and gathering a writing process, TaskPaper gives me (almost) everything I want.

It could still use styled text, better pagination and a way to insert graphics IMHO. But, that is just my opinion according to my own tastes.

I doubt that I could have made the progress I have made without TaskPaper. Honestly, TaskPaper is part of my prosthetic brain. When it comes to my writing process, I would have a hard time doing what I do without it.