TaskPaper as a pre-organization tool


I am looking at my work-flow from the perspective of a writer. I know I gushed a bit not so long ago about using TaskPaper as a pre-organization tool but, I have to do it again. My word processing app of choice is Nisus. I am now figuring out that I can take the various sub sections of my project, create a unique TaskPaper document for that subsection, and then drag that file’s “path to file” onto my TaskPaper document - the one TaskPaper document that I am tracking all my projects with.

I find this folding text feature in TaskPaper, along with the ability to focus on any part of my outline at a moments notice, and the ease of building in saved searches, is just beyond superlatives.

In my Nisus document there is a side panel for an outline for any styled tex. There is also an easy way to insert a table of contents into the document. I find it much less confusing when attempting complex writing projects, to simply fold the text open or closed. Open when I want to see it, and closed when I am not wanting to focus on it at the moment, keeping it out of the way.

I got a wild hair and made a request for seeing some kind of folding text in Nisus. The response to that post was … the sound of crickets at night comes to mind. Other than that, complete silence.

I think this will mean that more and more, I will continue to depend on using TaskPaper for an organizational structure as I develop my writing.

I know many use TaskPaper with deadlines and dates and that is fine. I don’t use it in that way. But it is a God-send in the way TaskPaper does help me with reorganization of what I am trying to research, refine, and otherwise put together in a writing project.

I know or at least, I think I know, that Jessie sees WriteRoom as his sole writing and writer oriented app. I am not such a fan of what WriteRoom calls distraction free writing. None of that makes any difference, if I cannot follow my own structure.

I enjoy the formatted writing experience I get with Nisus (Pages, Word, etc.). But the organization and the plain text writing is all good in TaskPaper. Of course, if there was a way to style words within a line that would be even better but, I think we have already beaten that horse to death here. I’m just saying … :wink:

Thanks again


Wow, I had to double check the source of this post. It sounded like what I might have written. Yes to all your points and observations. It is nice to find another kindred spirit here. :wink:

For all the same reasons that you mentioned, yes yes yes. I too use Nisus. I too prefer formatting in the final product. But, TaskPaper is invaluable for how it allows me to organize my thoughts, points, written ideas, etc. I have posted gentle nudges jessies way that some of us use TaskPaper in a whole other way than how it was intended. Who knows if that will ever go very far but, I do think that he could be onto something with what TaskPaper can do - more than it is already doing.

Yes, it makes text based lists. It is great for this purpose. But, like you, I also use it to organize what I am writing. I use tags a lot, both to set text formatting and also to create fast searches for sections I am working on. I also enjoy being able to fold a section out of the way - or use option arrow to focus in on just one section at a time.

The only things I truly wish TaskPaper had would be; some kind of pagination so that I could tell TaskPaper where a page break is when I want to print out something I have been working on and carry it around and, some way of seeing my Typinator work in an iOS app. As it is I am working on something just now in a section in TaskPaper that I have had to put into Notes so that I can walk around with my iPad to review it. It’s really too bad as it gets confusing to edit more than one version of something at the same time.