TaskPaper (3) vs FoldingText


As a user of FoldingText’s basic functionality (and being a sucker for new software) I wonder what people see as the benefits of using TaskPaper over FoldingText. Are there any killer features in TP not present in FT?

On the surface it seems like TP is but a lighter version of FT. I am sure I’m missing something here and I’m basically just fishing for a reason to buy TP (other than to support Jesse’s future efforts).

(FWIW, I prefer the checkboxes in FT over the dashes in TP3).

Can you explain the differences or usage scenarios for each of your apps?

I don’t think TP really has killer features that aren’t possible in FT. FT actually has quite a few more features. For example if you want Markdown, modes, more flexible styling… that’s all FoldingText.

TaskPaper on the other hand is more focused, and I think a bit more refined in some respects. I think TaskPaper’s folding implementation is a bit easier to use, and it’s text buffer is a native view which can make some standard OS X things easier.

I think if you are happy with FoldingText I would stick with it. Or try the TaskPaper 7 day trial to see what you like.



I had used and loved TaskPaper since the start and when FoldingText popped up, I immediately switched. FT is definitely more powerful and should cover everything that TP does.

However, FT seems to be stuck way behind TaskPaper in terms of UI refinement. I like the new left panel and the indentation guide of TP, as well as the overall styling (i.e. fonts, refined UI elements, checkboxes) of TaskPaper and I really hope that FT will catch up. I was under the impression that the two should be sharing codebase and FT being somewhat of a pro version, but that does not seem to be the case.


That was a goal a year to two back, and I even released a preview of a version of TaskPaper built on FT codebase. But now that are fully separate codebases. TaskPaper’s needs are less that FoldingText’s and building it standalone allowed for a lot of simplification.



@mutahhir is actually now working on getting something similar into FoldingText:


As @jessegrosjean mentioned, FT is going to have a sidebar of its own. The other things mentioned are also important and things I hope FT will get in the near future. Stay tuned :smile: