TaskPaper 3.7.7


I’m just pushed final release for TaskPaper 3.7.7. This means Mac App Store version of TaskPaper and direct download version are finally in sync again. Yeah!

  • Added View > Show Sidebar And Expand Completely
  • Fixes print margins to be smaller
  • Fixes “sentence” command spelling
  • Fixes crash that could occur when using ancestor-or-self:: in search
  • Fixes undo bug where undoing moves might put items at wrong indentation

Note that preview releases of TaskPaper 3.7.7 had added the option to select tab/value combinations in the sidebar. I may still add that back, but it created to much noise in the sidebar for many documents. I need to address that with a preference or redesign somehow before releasing that feature. Sorry!

Download at www.taskpaper.com

ETA for the direct download of 3.77 final?

My TaskPaper Preview just updated from 3.7.7 (17) to 3.7.7 (19). Does that mean it’s now identical to 3.7.7 Released (or 3.7.7 non-preview or whatever the correct term is :slight_smile: )?


Yes, the “release” and “preview” version should be the same right now.


What happened to tags in the sidebar being expandable to show their values?


See Jesse’s original post in this thread.