TaskPaper 3.6 Preview (283)


Moved Reminders integration to use the standard “Palette” UI, which is extended with some new features:

  1. Mutliple Selection (Import Reminders…, Tags With…)

    To select multiple items Command-Click with the mouse. Or Shift-Up/Down with keyboard. Once you have the items you want selected press Enter.

  2. Create Items (Move to Project…, Tag With…)

    To create new items type the name of the item you want. Make sure now item is selected in the existing item list. (Press Up to unselect the first). Press Enter to create the new item.

I’m rather excited with how much more useful “Tag With…” and “Move to Project…” are with these changes. I think all this Reminders.app work has paid off, even for people who don’t care about integrating with Reminders.app.

Othere changes:

  • Exposed Reminder related commands in command palette and menu items
  • When exporting items to Reminders.app create an alarm if item has @due date
  • Maintain tags (that aren’t otherwise encoded) when exporting items to Reminders.app
  • Fixed search cases where union, intersect, and except caused problems
  • Edit > Find commands now work when sidebar has focus, redirecting focus to editor
  • Removed catagory text for each command when showing command palette
  • Fixed problem in palettes where filtering could place items in wrong group
  • Moved Imported Reminders to File menu.
  • Moved Insert Date to Edit menu

Issue Tracker

If you don’t see your problem in the issue tracker then I’ve missed it. Please help by adding an issue or sending me a reminder. Issues in Ready and In Progress states are for v3.5.



Hi Jesse,
thnx for the nice improvements.

One issue:
When importing a reminder the reminder is not placed on the current caret / cursor position, but on the top of the document.

OSX 10.11.6
TaskPaper 3.6 Preview (283)

== feek


Only a gif can truly express my feelings right now.

Thank you!


One thing I’ve noticed — tasks exported to Reminders still have the dash in front of them.

Also, in a want-to-have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too request, would it be possible to have separate menu items for “Export to Default Reminders List” and “Export to Reminders Palette” instead of the preference box to always export to default list? 99% of the time I’m exporting tasks to my work Reminders list, so I love having the option to export to that by default, but I’d still like to be able to take advantage of the lovely Palette.

Thank you again!


Oops … but for different reason then before. But I’ll switch to remove type formatting, or in other words format items as “notes” before export. This will mean you can round trip items without type information loss, but I think that’s better then having items look weird in reminders app.

I want to avoid this I think. Seems like to many different items for to many edge cases. But I will change things so that the default list is always sorted to the top of the choices (and indicated with “Default List”). So once that’s in place you can always press “Enter” without thinking for the default case.


Wow. Thank you. Exceeded my expectations!


I like this approach much more.

Regarding the Reminder.app list options, it would be better if you could select which lists Taskpaper should interact with. I have 10+ lists but only 2-3 of them are relevant to interacting with Taskpaper. Things like shared grocery and gift lists are long and don’t belong in TP.

I’m sure the implementation may not be as easy, but if in settings you could provide the users reminder lists that they could select to show in in import/export options it would be ideal.


Nice improvement, thanks for it.

I agree with the “non cosmetic dash —” imported with reminder but it’s a cosmetic things.

I personnaly also prefer to manually choose a reminder list as it is now, it doesn’t take too much more time and it may be useful depending on how you are organized (reminder list by project, by type of action).

I think a back link to the taskpaper file would be interesting too for updating


Perfect! Many thanks Jesse. TP is getting better and better.


Makes sense – thank you!


It seems from the last post that you consciously chose not to have a sync-feature. What are the odds of you adding one eventually? I would love the functionality of having a @remind(date/time)-tag that automatically syncs to reminders.app. What you’ve got now is the next best thing, but it is an extra step. As it is now, connecting timed reminders with the @due-tag, I understand that it’d be a mess with syncing (as not all items with a due-date need to be reminders). But it would be an immensely useful thing to have a separate tag or at least a toggle in the settings to have automatic sync.


Not good in foreseeable future. Sync adds a lot of complexity in both code and UI explaining what is happening.