TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (178)

Still planning to release on the 15th. Entering mad dash mode trying to squeeze in some last features, fix some last bugs, and in general clean up for release.

  • Added Focus In menu item.
  • Added Focus Out menu item.
  • Added Projects toolbar item.
  • Added Move to Project menu item.
  • Added Clear Search menu item.
  • Generally made easier to use without sidebar.
  • Thought about menu item positions and keybindings. Changed some.
  • Messed with default theme. Scaling applied in more places. RED tint!
  • Cleaned up console logging. Less now!
  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Fix window positioning when opening new document.
  • Fix some visual shifts that could happen at certain window widths.
  • Fix crash when opening documents with more then ~65000 lines.
  • Fix another case where moving items up could insert in wrong places.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview

Hi there,

Looking good and glad to see that you’ve restored the Items/Move to Projects command.

Two issues:

  1. With Move to Project, could you place the moved item at the top of the project sub-items, instead of at the end because it’s easier to find the moved item that way.

  2. I tried to change the keybinding for Items/Delete to what i normally use (cmd-k), but all i managed to do was to delete the default keybinding. I can’t restore the default either. I can’t imagine what the problem is, except that maybe Delete has a hidden space or something in its name?

I think there is an error in the link I downloaded TaskPaper-3.0-Preview.dmg link says TaskPaper-Preview.dmg

I managed to produce a crash with the theme where i referenced a missing less variable @alert-color this is easy to add back, not a problem, but maybe you might not want crash logs from this sort of accident?

I rather like the old blue @tint-color I’m using red for alerts myself.

Tried to drag & drop a note from Notes: isn’t supposed to create a link?

I typed in "Delete " instead of “Delete” in Keyboard/Shortcuts/App_shortcuts, and i managed to add a keybinding. However, even though I tried to add cmd-k, TP adds ctrl-k.

So part way there.

It seems notes doesn’t put any public data on the clipboard when doing drag and drop. There’s just an opaque “com.apple.notes” type which I don’t know how to deal with. Do other apps support drag and drop from Notes.app?

Very happy to see Move to project make it back into the app. Moving to correct project seems to work good but it currently appends to end of the project. Can we change this to insert it at the beginning (i.e. first task under the targeted project)? I believe this was the way TP2 did it but I don’t have TP2 installed anymore (all in on TP3 at this point).

2nd thing I noticed with this release is that the “Home” top level link conflicts with one of my major projects with the same “Home” name. I didn’t notice this until you enabled Move to Project and I attempted to move a task to “Home” and it moved it to the wrong one after I short typed to get to home. I’m open to alternate names for Home (Top Level, All, etc…). I could rename my project but it is so engrained in my flow over the years :smile:

Great update, @jessegrosjean! It’s good to have the Focus shortcuts and the Projects toolbar button back.

But there’s a problem with the Projects toolbar item for a “sidebar-less” use case: the missing saved searches. Do you plan to add the saved searches to this Projects item (as they’re displayed in the sidebar)? Or create a new toolbar item “Saved Searches”?