TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (176)


New editing model for hidden items. They are ignored or skipped over when backspacing or hitting return. But when the text selection extends over them, they become visible and are effect by any editing command. Please let me know how you like it.

  • Fixed broken sidebar on OS X 10.10.
  • Clean up drag and drop, accept emails.
  • Now dropped content always inserts at item boundaries.
  • Many changes to how items are moved and react to text edits. Fixed lots of inconsistencies brought up in the forums. Thanks!

I plan to release on the 15th, so please get those bug reports in early. I only expect to make many more changes before release. Meaning I won’t get everything into 3.0 that I had hoped. But the core (plus a lot of extra that I never planned on is in there), and I expect to make a number of quackish point releases soon after the 3.0 release before taking on any other big time consuming features.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview


I’m afraid I’m still having a problem with the sidebar. I had installed Preview 173 not 20 minutes before you released 176, and as soon as I collapsed the sidebar, I could not get it back. Now with 176, I still don’t have the sidebar, but (and this differs from 173) the text will shift by one pixel (or so) when I toggle the sidebar button.

I’m very much looking forward to the full release. TaskPaper has been an integral part of my daily work for many years now.


Addendum: with the text pixel-shifted to the right, I was able to grab the edge of the apparently 1-pixel-wide sidebar and expand it back to a workable size. Not sure if that’s purely a side-effect of having lost it with the previous release, but it seems like a potential gotcha.


I’ll see if I can set a minimum size on opening.


In playing with it further, it seems that I am able to drag the edge of the sidebar to the left, until disappears completely. At that point, it’s fairly difficult to get the sidebar back to normal, as you have to toggle a couple times and notice the 1-pixel shift, and then grab that edge. Enforcing a minimum sidebar width (even if fairly small – like 10 pixels) would probably eliminate that gotcha.


I like the implementation of the hidden elements when selecting text!


… and changed once more saved searches icon :lol:

Jesse… would you, please, also add an empty line (or some sort of divider) between saved searches and projects in the sidebar? :wink:
(if even others do agree)



Pretty nice, looking forward to the final release! What I really miss is the option to re-open last documents on application start.

I know you suggest to enable this in the OS X preference, but that affects all applications. For me, TaskPaper is one of the very few apps that I want to behave like that. So, maybe this could be implemented again in the preferences?



defaults write com.[vendor].[AppName] NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool true :wink:


Really? That easy?! :neutral_face: Cool thing – thank you! :blush:


Thnx @pl_svn,

defaults write com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3 NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool true


When it is so simple, @jessegrosjean please add this via the preferences! Or is this not official supported for Yosemite and higher??



The reason that I’ve avoided adding this setting is because it will then take TaskPaper out of sync with the system setting which I think could leave users pretty confused if they didn’t really understand what they were doing when clicking options in TaskPaper’s settings.



only issue with this workaround is that whenever you edit a document in, eg, TaskMator or Editorial on iPhone/iPad it won’t be re-opened next time you launch TaskPaper Mac :frowning:


mmmm, tested this, indeed :frowning: So its not the complete solution… I think Keyboard Maestro should do the trick in the future for me… unless Jesse find a solution :smile:


D’oh! :persevere:
But this did work with TaskPaper 2, didn’t it? I used to edit my tasks document with Taskmator on my phone and TP2 never had any problems with it.


TaskPaper 2 was created before OS X had built in support for remembering which documents were open. It remembered open documents “harder” … TaskPaper 3 adopts the standard OS X approach which I guess in this case doesn’t work that way you want.

No promises, but a number of other people also want it to work the old way somehow. It’s in my bug database to consider for future.


Thank you, Jesse – would be great! :smiley: