TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (165)

  • Added View > Actual Size (Command-0) menu item.

  • Changed View > Zoom In menu shortcut to Command-+

  • Changed Item > Delete Items to delete child items IF selected item is folded.

  • Fixed drawing of task items leading dash to fit space.

  • Updated the default styles to scale the indentation width as the font size changes. To use this new default you will need to:

    1. Show your existing user.less file in the Finder using TaskPaper > File > Open Application Folder.

    2. Quit TaskPaper.

    3. Delete the user.less file.

    4. Restart TaskPaper.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview


Just an FYI that I’m still seeing the dashes without text padding. Not sure if that was part of that fix.


It was… I think I know the problem. Can you look in your theme for an “expansion” attribute applied to button links I think… delete that and I think ti will fix the problem.


I also just realized that I broke the ability to style those dashes… will get that fix into a release later today.


Yep. Totally fixed it.


Hi, I am not able to see the checkbox now in my tasks !!! I prefer to see a Checkbox than a dash. Please let the checkbox back!!.. Or just make this optional in preference. What do you think ?
KInd regards


I agree - I’d like to see checkboxes as a preference.


@Fer @Hammer6 I hope to add some option for checkboxes again before 3.0.