TaskPaper 3.0 Preview (159)


Changes include:

  • Changed anonymous analytics collection to be opt-in.

  • Fix bug when collapsing sidebar that has focus on 10.10.

  • Selected project name is now displayed in the Window title.

  • Project sidebar no longer shows tags that trail project name.

  • Fixed bug where View > Go to Project would not focus Sidebar.

  • Now includes standard page footer/header (including page numbers) when printing.

  • Added message to empty text view indicating that you should type to create items.

  • Cleaner and higher resolution drawing of bullet points for both screen and printing.

Download TaskPaper 3 Preview

Focused project name in the window title

I’m on build 156 and “Check for Updates” is greyed out and quit/restart TaskPaper does not trigger a check. How do I update?


I quit/restart TaskPaper again and it updated to 159 and can check for updates again, as well as prompting me to send you analytics.