TaskPaper 2 Not working on 10.12


I’ve purchased taskpaper 2 and it won’t open in 10.12. It’s not available on Mac Appstore anymore and I can’t open it.
Do you guys plan to let us use it in the final release or do we need taskpaper 3?
Any plans on discounts for upgrades?


I just looked into this and I don’t think there’s any way to fix. Oddly TaskPaper 1.0 still works on 10.12, but for TaskPaper 2 I was an early adopter of Objective-c Garbage Collection (memory management technology). Was the cool new thing for a year or so and then they decided on another approach. And in 10.12 they stopped supporting it all together, and that’s why TaskPaper 2 won’t run. Instead you’ll need to update to TaskPaper 3.

There is a 50% off discount for existing users, just email me your TaskPaper 2 license (or some proof of purchase, i’m not strict) and I’ll give you the 50% off discount.