Tags list in TP3?

have been using TP2 thru the years and before that TP1.
i’ve installed TP3.3.2, had 2.3.2 on my macs.

it’m really confused. i can’t figure out how to show my list of tags in this version.
the tag toolbar icon inserts a tag.
but i can’t figure out where to see a list of tags in the current file and select one like in the previous versions.

i use folding text from time to time also. i thought maybe TP3 had a menu command like FT “focus tag” option, but didn’t find that either.

sorry if this is covered somewhere, but i didn’t see it searching around the site.

am i missing something?
any advice appreciated.


I think what you are looking for has been moved to the search field popup menu… the menu that shows when you click on the magnifying glass in the search field. You can jump to it with the keyboard using the View > Search By menu item shortcut.

ah, i see…
very interesting…
yes, that look like a way to see the list of tags in a file and select one.
very relieved to find it again.

thank you!

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