Tag with... shortcut not working

Whenever I use command-T as the keyboard shortcut for “tag with…” what happens is “move items to project” is brought up.

It clearly says “tag with…” is command-T in the menu system. And selecting it via menu works just fine. Something wonky about the keyboard shortcut though. Any ideas how to correct this?

I’m using: Version 3.3.1 (217)

This should cut does appear to still work correctly for me. Maybe you set a custom keyboard shortcut through system preferences at some point which is overriding the default?

@jessegrosjean I don’t think I set a custom shortcut, but I’ll double check this evening when I return home. Shortcut works fine on my office iMac.

I finally found the conflict with my home computer: it was a macro in Keyboard Maestro. Problem solved!

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