"Tag with..." pane doesn't include tag values

This is in 3.8.13 (apologies if this has been addressed, but I didn’t find it).
I have, for example, a set of tags for people: @who(John), @who(Susan), etc.
If I go to add tags using the “Tag with…” shortcut, in the pane that appears, @who will be an option, but none of the differentiated versions of it will be. They do appear in the sidebar, though. Unfortunately, this makes the “Tag with…” function unusable for me. Is this normal behavior?

hm, i see that this used to be an option but was glitchy, so it was removed. It’s too bad, because it means that if you rely on using tags with values as a way to organize, the “Tag With…” option can’t be used. Especially with autocomplete also not working for values. Oh well, can’t win em all.

Sorry for late reply… yeah it’s working as intended right now.

I have Version 3.8.16 (475), I can’t find it. I only have the tags available via “Tag with…” but not the tag values? Is it working in an internal built?

Sorry, I mean that it’s intended not to show tag values right now. For a bit TaskPaper was doing that, but it caused some bugs, and I changed back to simple just show tags option for now.