Suppressing empty file

Hello, is there a way to prevent Bike from opening with an empty file?

I think Bike should currently have standard macOS behavior for document windows. It will create a new one on app startup if there wasn’t an existing one that was restored. Maybe can you explain a little more why you want this and what other app support this feature?

I don’t see it as standard MacOS behavior. TextEdit doesn’t do this. SubEthaEdit doesn’t do this and Smultron doesn’t do this. I want to open a file, but Bike opens two windows: my file, and an Untitled. Now I have to close the unwanted window, it’s an annoyance. If the user wants an untitled window plus the file they opened, there should be a preference setting for that.

Ok, this isn’t the behavior that I’m seeing… or at least I need more details on the behavior that you are seeing.

Here’s the test that I’m doing:

  1. Drag and Drop a .bike file from the Finder onto Bike’s application icon
  2. The result that I see is Bike is opened and the dragged file is opened. No untitled file is opened.

Can you tell me the exact steps to reproduce the issue. Thanks!

Well for cryin’ out loud, now it’s not doing it! You fixed it. Thanks! :grinning:

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