Suggestion: Sidebar keyboard navigation



I like the new Project sidebar!

But right now, when one click on a project in the sidebar, you expect that you can navigate between projects by pressing f.e. the up/down arrow keys. But that’s not the case.

An suggestion:

  • add a shortkey for switching between the content and the project sidebar. For example when the project sidebar is activated, the active color blue is set and you can navigate via arrow down and up. And when the content part is active the sidebar project is grayed again.
  • an other suggestion: when navigate in the content part (not folded) the sidebar project will/should follow the location of the node/project (now not implemented).


Should current selection be indicated in source list view?

I was maybe trying to be too tricky here. I intentionally disabled focus on the source list view so that when you clicked on a project you the text view would change, but it would keep focus. Seems some apps (such as Finder and Mail) handle source list views this way.

On the other hand other apps (such as notes) do allow the source list view to receive focus. I’m not sure what the right call is for this case, but I’m happy to switch back to allowing it to have focus. That seems the simplest most consistent approach.

Once I allow for that then standard focus keyboard shortcuts should work Control-Shift-Tab to go from the TextView to the Source List View.