Suggestion: make project title clickable

Hi Jesse,

it would be nice when the project title is clickable in order to focus a single project.

For example when searching a document, the results are shown, sorted by project (with the project title visible). Often I want to focus a specific project in the search results. So it would be nice when you can click on the project title in order to focus that project. Now you have to search that project in the sidebar in order to focus.


I’m not following. So far I have:

  1. Search

  2. In search results there’s a project that you would then like to focus

  3. Make it so that the project is clickable to focus… shouldn’t clicking normally just position the cursor? Where should it be clickable?

I do understand the use case laid out in #2, maybe a “Focus Current Project” command would work to the same end?

Let me explain:

after #2 I have multiple projects in the list, but the list/view is filtered. I want to focus directly a project by clicking on a title of a project (and not via the sidebar). With focus I mean the project view as you get by clicking on a project in the sidebar. See this movie


Thanks for the movie, that helped me get on the same page.

I don’t think the “click here” part will work. I want those project titles to remain editable, so clicking should just place the cursor. On thing you can do though is Option-Click on the projects leading blue dot bullet… when you hold Option down the click will focus the project instead of fold it.

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Option Click is the solution!