Suggestion: Archive @done tasks regex project name



A suggestion for improving the @done task archive function (CMD - SHIFT - D)

When archiving projects via CMD - SHIFT - D an option is build in to add the project name as tag
So “A very long project name with project number FA1234” becomes @project(A very long project name with project number FA1234).
I suppose many of us use a unique number for a project, which can be defined with a regex (I do ;)). So it would be nice when you could define in the TP preferences a regex for the unique project number. When archiving only the regex value is added to the @project tag:
“A very long project name with project number FA1234” becomes @project(FA1234). When no match is available, the complete project name is used.
I think this can make the archive much more uncluttered.



I don’t think that I’ll do this. If I start adding regexes to the preferences the app starts looking really scary to all but a very select few. I can rarely understand regexes myself without searching around in google for a while.

Instead I think this sort of customization should be done through scripting (again one I post docs on that). I will provide the default “Archive Done” code, and people can customize that as they see fit.


Hi Jesse,

OK, I understand your considerations :smile:

Your solution of providing some documentation of the “Archive Done” script and making my own is fine with me!