Still No File Lauching

I was hopeful that the next update to TaskPaper 3 would have resolved a problem with launching files. Apparently, it has not. In TaskPaper 2 I can drag a file onto TaskPaper and it turns into a clickable file path. Click on that link, the file, not the folder containing the file, will launch.

This is the Mac-goodness that I have come to expect in my work-flow. But in TaskPaper 3, I can’t do this anymore.


Post Script: TaskPaper 2 would parse the link and put in characters if there were spaces in the title or folder names in the file path. If I adjust the file path after establishing it in TaskPaper 3, it will click to launch the file. It will no longer do this automatically from a drag drop.

Working here (build 170) with file-paths which contain no spaces.

I’m also finding that adding a backslash before spaces works when a file has been dragged into TP3 like this:

- /Users/houthakker/Code/xQueryNSNode/ViewMenu\ copy.json

For more recalcitrant cases, you can copy the file as an encoded url:

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This is on my todo-list. I agree it should escape the spaces when you drag and drop a file path, just not done yet.

This doesn’t work for me even if I escape the spaces in the file name.

/Users/craigryan/Dropbox/Documents/-INBOX/FT\ 2016\ market\

The file I’m trying to open is called “FT 2016 market”.

The path correctly shows as a link, but when I click on it I get a popup message:

“There is no application set to open the URL path:/Users/craigryan/Dropbox/Documents/-INBOX/”

It invites me to choose an application, but all the application on my machine are greyed out, including the ones I would normally use to open .md (Markdown) files.

Filenames without spaces in them work fine.

Any thoughts?

I think I just figured this out. My test file only had one escaped space and that works. But it won’t work to open the file if there are multiple escaped spaces. I’ve fixed this for the next release.