Sorting the StyleSheet menu

I am curious about how to get theStylesheet menu to properly sort. It’s not the end of everything as we know it, although it is a bit of an annoyance. I have approx. 18 .less stylesheets right now. I enjoy tweaking them until I get something the way I like it.

This means that I go to the StyleSheets menu from time to time to switch a theme. The problem I am having is, the StyleSheets menu seems uninterested in sorting alphabetically.

I have opened the StyleSheets folder and sorted under “Name”. This puts the StyleSheets folder in order of course. But, it has not affected the StyleSheets menu in TaskPaper. I tried quitting and restarting TaskPaper and, it still won’t show any alphabetically sorted logic in it’s StyleSheets menu.

Shouldn’t this work? Do I need to restart my Mac first or, is this just not a currently working feature? I would love it if my StyleSheets menu in TaskPaper showed an alphabetical list of the .less files installed. So many styes, so little time. :wink:

I’ve just posted a new preview release that I think fixes this issue:

Yes, it fixed it. Thanks.