Something different


After taking a somewhat long break from FoldingText, I’m back, trying to get Foldingtext to live again in some way, shape, or form. Unfortunately, the app model for FoldingText isn’t something I’m interested in, for a couple of reasons:

a) I haven’t done Mac OS development in a while, and don’t use it in my day to day job
b) I like the web, and the cross-platform nature of browsers

Thus, i’ve started working on a hosted platform, called Plain. What is it? I’ve taken the FoldingText editor, hosted it on plain, and started working on building a hosted library interface. I wanted people to be able to collaborate on their documents with others, so real-time collaboration is built in. Share a document with someone, and they’ll be able to edit it like Google Docs. I’m working on adding more smarts about linking documents, and adding better search capabilities, but the first goal was to get it stable. I think we’re mostly there :).

Anyways, I wanted to quickly drop in a note, and let you guys know. If you’re interested, you can request an invite to the beta.

Let me know what you think.



Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.