This is a pretty specific request, but would it be possible to enable a Shift-Return feature that allows you to create a new paragraph without creating a new sub level?

I ask because, as I mentioned before, I find Bike incredibly powerful as a long-form writing tool, and it would be great to be able to write entire chapters (including separate paragraphs, dialogue, etc.) under a single sub level.

The result would be the ability to fold those chapters and move them around as a whole. As it stands now, every time someone says something in my WIP, it gets a new sub level.

Obviously, this may be out of your original purview. If the answer is no, I totally understand. Bike is still awesome.

Good to hear that Bike’s use is been stretched into long form writing. I hope to make it more suitable for that over time.

I’m not sure that I follow. Can you provide a specific example of what you mean. Like a simple example document, and indicate what you want it too look like before and after the insert row edit.

Generally when Bike inserts new rows they are inserted at the same level as the previous row. I think the only exception is when you insert a row after an expanded row … then it will be inserted as a child.

Here’s an example of what Bike looks like now while writing prose (this is not a work in progress :blush:: )

As you can see, every carriage return creates a new… I don’t know what you call them. Child? Line with a triangle to the side. Obviously, when I hit return to add a line of dialogue or a new paragraph, Bike treats that text as a new child.

What I’m looking for is a way to bypass the making of a new child every time – all I’d want is just blocks of plain text that can be collapsed under a single heading. I figured there might be some key combo to produce this.

Potential uses for this functionality would include keeping a journal, with each heading being the date and basic, normal text editing underneath. Or, as I’ve mentioned, prose. Or keeping blog posts all in one document.

I think BBEdit does this, but I was looking for something a little more lightweight.

Does any of this make sense?

Paragraphs you mean ? I think that’s what you’ve got.

Perhaps you just want less row spacing (Bike > Preferences > Row spacing)

Or you’d like to be able switch off the triangles ?

But Coffee you already have this. You type Chapter 1 and all following text of the chapter as sub level. Do you mind seeing the triangles at the start of each paragraph? You can just ignore them.


You’re totally right!


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