"Select sentence" without selecting folding siblings


If I choose the “Select Sentence” on a line, it also selects any adjacent folded siblings.

I think this command shouldn’t operate this way. For example, this makes it impossible to select a line and copy or paste with ease. I always have to stop and check first to see if any folded siblings have been grabbed as well.

Plus, it seems intuitive that “Select Sentence” would select only the sentence with the insertion point in it.

Even so, if it’s not going to change, maybe we could get another option that selects ONLY the line?



Thanks, I see the same problem and have added a bug report.


Hi @jessegrosjean, I just noticed the same problem applies when triple-clicking a line. Not sure if this counts as a bug or not. Interested in your thoughts.


I think the triple click to select behavior makes sense. Generally that means “select entire paragraph” and in TaskPaper that includes trailing hidden items. In the future the one change that I can see is I might change the definition of what is a trailing hidden item along the lines of https://github.com/hbsw/tp-issues/issues/356


UPDATE: I see a functional equivalent may be included in the current preview release. So, Thanks! (But leaving my original request here as justification.)

Dusting this off to plead for some sort of “select current line only (ignoring hidden text)”-- perhaps “alt-double-click” or something user-configurable?

A common use case is “Filter on a tag to look for duplicates, find a duplicate, & delete it.” But selecting a single task from a tag-filtered list is an infuriating exercise in fine-grain mousing – especially if your task is bracketed by tags. For example:

- @household Do that same chore you already have a task for 3 lines above here. @weekend

Imagine trying to delete that task. Like me, you may end up accidentally deleting tons of tasks after simply triple-clicking to select the entire task, and deleting it (thereby removing hidden tasks below it). Double-clicking then dragging to select the whole task doesn’t help, since the task’s endpoints have clicks mapped to actions.

I’ll add that a “paragraph” has less constructive meaning within a task-centric tool like Taskpaper. I’m hard-pressed to think of when I’d want to “select a paragraph” within what is essentially a filtered list. Even if those scenarios exist, their “single task” brethren deserve equal respect.