Seeing updates to the User Guide

I notice, empirically, that if I want to see the latest version of a particular page in the ⌘? Bike User Guide, in my (Safari) browser, I have to either:

  1. Go to a particular User Guide page (e.g. Using Scripts) and explicitly choose View > Reload Page ⌘R, or
  2. more radically, with Safari > Preferences > Show Develop menu in menu bar checked, choose Develop > Empty Caches ⌥⌘E, and then fetch the page of interest. This, of course, empties all caches, so it’s probably not what we want.

I don’t know enough about browser cacheing and page serving to be clear about whether there might be any scope for updated User Guide pages to be fetched freshly by default.

Can one set some kind of changed flag on them at the server end ?

(The ⌘R approach doesn’t seem to produce a sticky result – even after using it, the next fetch of the page still seems to be from an older cached version)

PS I notice that Gitbook provides this page:

How to hard refresh your browser - GitBook Documentation

I’ve noticed this too.

I assume, but don’t know, that eventually it will resolve itself. So maybe if you come back in an hour, or a day, you would see the new page without having to Command-R. I don’t really know how page caching works, but I assume there is some sort of time to live value that’s passed with a page and the browser caches until then. And maybe GitBook has a large value since user guides probably don’t change much. Just speculating here, but I don’t know of any way to change.

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