Search syntax oddness

I could be holding it wrong, but using the [d] in search syntax doesn’t seem to be working for dates = to today.

So @start < [d] today or @start > [d] today all work as expected, but @start = [d] today isn’t displaying tasks tagged to start with todays date.

The problem is that my date parse still relies on Date.parse for most functionality (unless you are using today or tomorrow) keywords. And it seems to handle time zones differently then when I just do new Date() … it’s a bug. But I’m likely to leave it as is until I decide on how much date parsing I want to do myself.

Ok. Still find it odd that it works great when using < or > and not =. I am using the today/tomorrow keywords, so I figured it should work. I can work around it though, so not a huge deal at the moment.

I’ve actually just fixed this for the next release by switching to moment.js for parsing those dates. Still expect to switch again in the future probably… but should work for now.

I’m pretty sure that the < > “works” because the difference between your local time and UTC standard time is maybe not very much? … or at least you are in the same day as them right now. I think it would break when you can closer to the day switching time maybe. Anyway… should be fixed for next release.

Great news then. Looking forward to the next release. One thing I’d add though, a visual separation of saved searches and projects in the sidebar. Currently, they’re all clumped together with the cog wheel making the distinction of what is a project and what is a saved search. If they were to be placed all under a separate list header, say “Filters or Saved Searches”, this would render the cog wheel unneeded and also help visually make it look neater.

I agree the current layout of saved searches isn’t the best. I’ve tried some alternatives (such as a different group), but wasn’t too excited about those either.

One constraint is that (at moment anyway) I would like “Home” at the top and everything else indented under “Home”. When searches are in their own group it becomes less clear I think that you can clear the search and see everything by clicking home.

Anyway, I still don’t think I’ve found a final solution. But in this next release I’ve changed the UI a bit, in the sidebar. Hope to release that later today, then please let me know what you think.