Scripting access to row text formatting?

Not urgent – NSXMLDocument methods already let us parse .bike strings directly in AppleScript and JS scripts, (if we want to export or capture the <strong> and <emph> etc formatting) – but I wonder whether, at some point, the scripting interface might expose the <p> string of a row, with its inline markup, or perhaps an RTF rendering ?

( already gives us the unformatted plain text version)

Yes for sure, I think :slight_smile:

I want it for sure… text formatting is becoming part of the model, I want to give scripts full access to the model. And AppleScript already has conventions for scripting rich text, I think I can copy most of that.

The only issue is that it’s another chunk of work and I haven’t implement it yet. I hope to implement in this current 1.4 “rich text” release, but time may start to press.

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