Script to clean whitespace from otherwise empty lines

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem:

I occasionally accidentally put whitespace (tabs spaces) on what would otherwise be blank lines (I think this happens by default when you press enter but don’t create a task). This makes folding messier because it folds in the ‘blank’ line into the project, removing the gap between projects.


Folded (no gap between projects)

A shell one-liner to fix this is:

gawk -i inplace '/^(\s+)?$/ {printf "\n"} /[a-zA-Z0-9]/ {print}' <path>

The first regex ^(\s+)?$ prints out a newline for any line that has only whitespace or nothing. The other prints out whatever it encounters.

Thought that this might help someone.


Good thought.

Do you think the latter might need broadening outside the particular case of EN ?

(EU and Scandinavian diacritics, levantine languages, CJK etc etc)

You’re right, I just needed to brush up on my RegEx a little!

gawk -i inplace '/^(\s+)?$/ {printf "\n"} /\w/ {print}' <path>

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