Retrieving contents of a file after app crash

Hi There,

I’ve just lost the entire contents of an FT document after the app crashed unexpectedly. I’ve had a few instances where FT crashes, but I’ve never lost content before. Anyone else had this issue, and any suggestions for how to retrieve the content?

I’m running FT 2.3 on MacOs 10.15.5. All of my files are synced to Dropbox.


Dropbox keeps older versions of files. Maybe the app saved before it crashed? Also, do you have Time Machine backups on your machine?

Thanks Ugur, I checked Dropbox’s version but it doesn’t support that function for FT

I don’t know about Time Machine backups. Will take a look.

Thank you!

Hope you’ve got it sorted by now, but I’m pretty certain that Drobox supports file versioning for all files… should certainly work for FT files. It might not show a live preview of the file on there website… but it should still allow you some way to go back to a previous version I think.

Maybe this will help:

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