Requesting some help finding an old TP2.0 applescript replacement

Hi Everyone.

I’m coming back to macOS after ~8 years of Windows use, and was trying to set up Taskpaper the way I had it back in OSX days.

I guess the old extensions using AppleScript won’t work anymore, but it seems like there are plenty of new extensions to replace. I can’t seem to find a replacement for this one however - it was a script for creating a folder in Finder with the project name, and subfolders for sub-projects contained within the project in TP. If it was already remade for TP3, could someone point me to a link?

Sorry if it was in an obvious place and I just couldn’t find it. Any pointers about how to better use TP, or what apps to use it with (I used quicksilver back then, but now it seems like people use Alfred more) would also be appreciated.

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